Grace to Grace

As a recovering perfectionist I understand the immobilizing effect of setting impossible standards for yourself. Some of the most talented individuals on the planet walk around full to bursting of potential that goes unrealized, because they fear failing their ideal. When I realized that whatever I can sow in faith, God can multiply, I finally felt free to simply be and do the things I love without putting pressure on myself to perform.

I’m learning for the first time that there is power in completion. I remember agonizingly wading through the murk of English papers during college. Why I chose a major dependent on complete thoughts and meeting writing deadlines, I have no idea! It feels so good to now be able to write quickly and concisely and after one edit, share it and be done. It’s a little bit addicting. I find myself writing constantly now, when before I’d labor over a single concept for weeks on end and still never share it!

And that’s what happens when we lean into our own understanding and fail to acknowledge the Lord’s leading, His grace, and His multiplying power at work in us. The greatest revelation of my life has been in knowing what is in me, is not my own. Likewise, what is in you has been given to you so that the Lord can love the world through you.

I want to do my best in all I do, but I no longer withhold my work from the Lord because I’ve deemed it unworthy. I no longer presume to call unworthy what the Lord has called worthy. I simply release what I create in faith and let the Lord take care of the rest. As I’m faithful to offer the little that I can offer, I know in time I will see increase. I will produce fruit!

By simply finishing what we set out to do, our faith is bolstered and our confidence increases. As we are faithful to step out on grace, grace increases in our lives. Our complete inheritance in Christ is realized when we learn the discipline of follow-through. We move from grace to grace. So, to all my perfectionists out there, you have permission to release what the Lord has placed within you. You were born to be fruitful.

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