Partnering with God

I love the relationship I see growing between my mom and I. We are at the threshold of crossing over into what is one of the most powerful friendships I’ve ever experienced but we are still very much child and momma. What I’ve observed in my mom over the years is a relentless hope to see her children step into the fullness of our individual callings and her care for my being fully equipped to do so, occupies our every conversation.

I’ve witnessed my mom POUR OUT blessing for her children over the years. Anything I have needed in order to fulfill what  I’ve heard the Lord speaking to me to do, she has helped me to achieve. Be it through finances, coaching me through job interviews, encouragement, a roof over my head, her time, her resources, there has been no end to her willingness to “sew seed into me” as she likes to say. I know that she does it all in hope  to one day see me standing on my own two feet. Not because she no longer wants to be a support in my life, that will never change, but because the greatest reward for her as a parent is to witness her children applying the principles she has taught and modeled and enjoying the victory we were destined to enjoy.

That is when the relationship of mother and daughter evolves into that of a victor and a victor. This is a parent’s dream for their children, so naturally this is what the Lord desires for us in our relationship with him. He desires a partnership with you.

The Father would be so bored simply dictating to us for our entire lives about what he thinks we should do and where we should go. He longs to see us stand in our inheritance. Personally, I came to know the Lord as Father at an early age and that is one of the revelations I’m called to teach, but I am only just now coming to know what it is to be his friend and equal partner.

See, God in His goodness has made us sons and daughters so that we can partner with Him in the earth. My Mom invests her time and resources into me because she loves me, but I want to endeavor to earn her investment. I’m not saying I want to earn her love. You can’t earn what’s freely given. I’m saying I want her to trust me. I want her to gain a return from all that she has invested in me. I want her to be excited about sharing vision with me because she knows I will faithfully carry and nurture it. I want to be someone my Mom would go into business with. Likewise, when the Father pours into my life because He loves me, I want Him to expect, based on a history of good returns, that I will be faithful to tend that seed and bare much fruit.

Walking in your inheritance means taking up the authority you have in Christ. The authority through grace by faith that boldly declares, I am who he says I am. I can do what He says I can do. I can go where He says I can go. And I can work with him and when need be, I can make decisions in his stead because I know his heart and I walk in Godly wisdom. This is partnership. This is what I desire most to cultivate with the Father in this new year.

Happy New Year to You and Yours!

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