In Step with the Father

I took a bit of a sabbatical from blogging. I’d promised myself I wouldn’t miss a month of posting and yet, February breezed by with no posts. I was disappointed in myself for fizzing out so quickly. But the humbling process of getting on the same page as Holy Spirit has been so healthy and encouraging to my soul.

Last December I started conducting interviews with women whose stories I hoped to share on my blog site. I began mapping out future stories and was so pumped about all there was to glean from these amazing women, but as I sat down with my notes and interview recordings, I began to feel overwhelmed.

I realized I hadn’t structured my interviews in such a way that would allow me to easily share our conversations. I’d hoped to provide detailed Q&A’s with my readers and instead, heard such richly detailed stories that so stirred me, I got swept up in them. The impartation that took place in those meetings has changed my life, but when it came to my trying to culminate those interviews into bite-size blog posts, I was completely in over my head.

My 3-month blogging streak came to a screeching halt. I labored over those interviews for months trying to decide upon a template that would best present the information while honoring the women who shared their time and life experience with me. It’s funny how something so small, immobilized me. All writing ceased. I stepped on the Father’s toes, so to speak. I’d been experiencing a flow in my blog writing, like a dance. I felt led by the Holy Spirit and I was seeing fruit and then BAM! A single mis-step and I was on my face.

I’d already advertised the coming interviews on my social media accounts and now I couldn’t deliver the goods. I was disappointed to say the least. Have you ever been on a roll and then found yourself sunk? Have you ever taken a word from the Father and tried to make it happen prematurely? The Father breathed an idea in my mind and I took it and ran. There, I found myself in a sea of pressure to perform beyond my ability to perform. I jumped the gun. Ever been there?

This week the Lord sat me down and simply told me to breathe and try again. Getting in step with Him is not as hard as we sometimes make it. If you’ll only wait a moment and let Him lead, you’ll find yourself dancing again.

If you feel you’ve hit a wall in an creative or ministerial endeavor that you know the Lord placed upon your heart, then I encourage you to push pause. Wait a moment. Hear Him. And try again. Maybe it’s not time for some aspects of your vision to unfold but don’t allow a failure to stop the flow of your purpose being released in the lives of others. People need you to do what God has called you to do.

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