Surrendered: An Interview with Pastor Sierra Kinnamon

Pastor Sierra Kinnamon has been serving the Church since she was old enough to volunteer in children’s church ministry. From a very young age she has responded wholeheartedly to the call of God on her life that she share the Gospel to the nations. She has served as a missionary in 7 countries, including stays in the United States, in New York City and Las Angeles. Her non-profit organization, One Soma Global Inc., has aided in raising money for supplies in disaster stricken areas, and continues to meet the needs of communities local and abroad.

Following her most recent trip to India in the summer of 2017, Sierra was set in as a Pastor for Victory Life Church Durant, the mother church of a multi-campus church body under the headship of Duane Sheriff Ministries. Now, along-side her team, Sierra pastors two church campuses, Victory Life Colorado Springs,Co., and Victory Life Woodland Park, Co. This past Fall I sat down with Sierra during a visit to Texas to find out about her experience in Colorado.

Q: What is it like to establish and help develop a Victory Life Church location?

A: We have two campuses in Colorado and I oversee the life groups, the grow teams, and Next Steps for both campuses. The newest campus is 15 weeks old and we have about 60-65 people. A lot of what I’m doing there is identifying and developing leaders, while building and implementing systems for ministry.

Q: What would you say is the biggest task you face in your work?

A: The biggest task is that it’s my job to help establish Victory Life culture. [In a new location] you have a whole group of people who have awesome hearts, who want to be apart of Victory Life culture but haven’t seen it before. For instance, how we walk out different things…how we walk out mercy…and everything we do.

Q: What elements are most important in the culture of Victory Life to you and how do you go about establishing that?

A: I think for me it’s been acknowledging relationships. I know, that before I can have a say in anything, that the Holy Spirit has told me, “you have to establish relationship first….You have to let people see your heart.” Definitely the mercy side of things is very important to me. We’re gonna walk out mercy first. We’re not just going to look at someone’s heart and say we know them, but we’re going to walk life out with them.

Q: What has been the impact on the surrounding area having not one, but two Victory Life locations within an hour of each other?

A: Something we’ve been hearing all year is that we’re not just a church in a city but for a city. That’s interesting because we’re so close to Charis Bible College. A lot of Bible students come to the church, which is awesome but Bible school is different than a church. Pastor Duane said it best when he was in Colorado, “you’re sent to Bible school but you’re set in a church.” So really showing people that the church is not about just going and being spiritually fed (like you are in Bible College), but really about pouring that back out.

Q: What is your vision for pouring out into the Colorado community?

A: We haven’t started much outreach but once we’ve gotten our grow teams, Next Steps, and life groups going, that outreach is going to be my big focus. Because again, we have Bible students who come but we also want to make sure people in the community are coming. In the Springs there’s a big homeless population and there’s so much potential for all kinds of outreaches. I’m definitely excited about that.

Q: You’ve accomplished a lot in ministry and maintained such focus along the way. What is it that so motivates you?

A: More than anything, I’m really passionate about establishing the Kingdom of God and His culture. I think that our church is very closely related to that, and we’re very much working our way toward Heaven and Earth becoming one. Because of that, I can be excited about our church culture. I’ve found that if I’m walking in the Kingdom of God and I’m walking out what He carries, and if I’ve tried to model my life after that, then culture is the fruit of that.

Q: Being in a new environment, you’re not with your family but you’re still in Victory Life, not overseas, but you’re in an in-between. What’s that been like for you?

A: Personally the relationship aspect has been the most stretching in this season. Obviously what I’m doing in my job is all new, so I’m learning a lot. Where I’ve really had to trust is, I’ve never struggled making friends or with even the thought of it, but I found that as I was getting closer to the move, I’m like, “man I’m about to be uprooted.” Going from a place where people know you’re heart, know what’s inside of you, and friends who are good to call that out and hold you accountable to that, to then almost completely being taken away from that, and being in a place where you’re starting over, it’s been a really good stretching and growing experience. God has really been saying to me, “do you trust me?”

Q: Trusting in God must really play a vital role in your walk.  How would you describe that?

A: I was reading a book and the author was talking about how trust is developed in dependency and intimacy, and those two things are all I have right now. I have to be dependent on God, he is my best friend. I’m intimate with Him and trust can’t help but be formed in that. I have a new appreciation for family and for church family. I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be but relationships take time and you can’t rush them. That’s been the most challenging aspect, but I know it’s what I’ve needed to grow. And in visiting my home in Durant, I felt this awesome sense of ownership of our campuses in Colorado. So, now I really have two places of home.

Q: What would you most like to see unfold for your campuses?

A: I think for me, I’d most like to see the leaders that need to step up, step up and take ownership of the church. [Many people] have awesome gifts but it’s about plugging in and seeing your gift develop. I know in my own life it was serving and doing whatever was needed that opened every single door for me. It was never saying, “I have a call to ministry so I’m going to do ministry.” It was, “I have a call but I’m going to serve where needed.” I want to be good at building and training those leaders.

Q: How have you walked through the process of building and training leaders so far?

A: Something I’ve been doing every time I meet with a new life group leader or grow team member, is asking them, “what are your spiritual gifts? What are the things inside of you?” Because I want to lead in a way that calls that out and helps set them in the right place. I want to see people take ownership, grow the church, and be for a city. I want to see communities connect to and find a home in the church and feel welcomed.

Q: Do you have any advice for young women who feel called to pastoral ministry?

A: Be willing to do whatever is needed and the work of the ministry, but also confident of who God is in you and His faithfulness. I know I never have to make a way for myself because He’s a really good dad who wants to see my gifts grown. I also trust that He knows the perfect timing. He’s not going to give me a leadership opportunity that I can’t handle. He’s not going to put me in a place that I’m not ready for.

Q: How have you walked out seasons of waiting?

A: I remember seasons where I felt like I have so much in me but I’m in a season of hiding, or I have so much in me but I’m not using it all. Even now, what I’m doing is details and administrative stuff and I know that’s not my end either. There’s still so much more in me but it’s a matter of saying, “in this season I trust that You’re developing me exactly how I need to be developed and Your timing is perfect.”

Q: Lastly, what does surrender to Jesus mean to you?

A: Saying yes, no matter the cost!

Take Away:

  • Before you can have a say in anything, let people know your heart
  • When you walk in the Kingdom, you set the culture
  • Trust is developed in intimacy and dependency
  • Serve whereever there’s a need
  • Be confident of who God is in you and His faithfulness
  • Know that in the right time, God will open the right doors
  • Surrender to Jesus means saying yes, no matter the cost

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