For those endeavoring to begin a new Kingdom work:

Recently, while preparing to speak at my church for the first time since turning 30, I asked the church secretary for a private place to pray before service. She showed me into what is known as the count room. A tiny, hidden space, I had assumed to be a closet, was in actuality once the room where the tithes and offerings were taken to be counted. Quietly within, I knelt down to pray, and noticed a very large safe, bank slips, and money bags.

Turning 30 was a significant shift in my life. This age for me has marked the beginning of running my race in the Kingdom, putting my full weight on the promise and call of God on my life, holding nothing back. This night of speaking would set a precedence. What was I to teach? I taught on the subject of proximity, coming close to God. This is where it all began for me at 15 years old, praying in my bedroom, simply enjoying His presence, then receiving a radical call from God.

As I sat in the count room, pouring my heart out before the Lord, thankful to be 30, thankful to be here, and in a new year, He impressed upon me the significance of the room in which I was sitting.

The Lord is getting ready to take you into the “count room.” The place of first fruits offering, where as you lay your heart and intents before him, He will approve and confirm. Where you have awaited confirmation, and affirmation; where you have deeply desired to have it confirmed that you are where you are supposed to be, doing what you are supposed to be doing, He will evaluate, and take account of you. 

It’s important to understand and live humbly in knowing that you are and are not ready, and you must exist between the tension of the two. You are ready in that you have said “yes,” but you are not ready in that you have no idea what is coming. You are ready in that you have prepared well, but you are not ready in that you don’t understand what sacrifice is yet ahead. You are ready in that you have heard rightly to “go,” but you are not ready in that it will be the day-in and day-out kneeling before His throne that will be your source of strength. 

Paul writes to Timothy advising him to “study to shew thyself approved unto God.” Approved here refers to coinage and it being cut accurately, no sides shaved down. No cut corners, so to speak. A coin that is approved is the right weight in silver, worth its full value. 

In this season the Lord is drawing you into divine evaluation. He does not evaluate a child of His that can’t pass. You are ready. Take this opportunity, in His presence, to lay your heart and intent before Him without reservation. Put your full weight into the task He has assigned you. Ask Him all of the questions, and trust Him. Speak the vision He is downloading in your spirit, and hold it with an open hand before Him (ready at all times, should He make alterations). Receive His approval, and move with the utmost confidence in this new work.

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